Mattress Size Foam, Twin or Long Twin

Pre-cut to fit your bedding needs: Twin 39'' x 75'' or Long Twin 39'' x 80''
Available in various thickness and grades. Cover not included.

Good Poly Foam is an economical all purpose foam. Acceptable for occasional use. Off-white color. Not Fire Retardant. Density 1.5 : Compression 44 - Good Firm Poly

Better Angel Foam, residential grade, is longer lasting than Poly. Off white color. Not Fire Retardant. Density 1.8 : Compression 36 - Better Firm Angel or Compression 50 - Better Extra Firm

Best Quality Foam, premium grade with high resilience, is best for mattresses. Light blue color. Density 2.5 : Compression 36 - Best Medium Firm or Compression 45 - Best Quality Firm


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