Applications for FoamCenter DotCom Products

Recreational Vehicles: FoamCenter DotCom products have always been popular for repairs or refinishing RV's, mobile homes, and pop ups.

Our Best Qual Firm foam is useful in recovering the dinette section an RV. We recently received a call for twin Memory Foam Toppers cut to fit a mobile home bunk bed.

This year we heard from several RV enthusiasts who wanted to use our 'Rain-Thru foam' to silence the rain on their slider roof.

Actually most vehicles sometimes need the foam seat or arm rest repaired. Always check the required grade of foam needed for safety items such as the head rest on vintage cars.


Marine Applications: Our foam products are used for the best yachts made in America.

They have also been seen under the new cover on the top of an old ice chest-bench. Replaced with Hard Purple to prevent future collapsing on the edges.

If a foam product on your boat need repairs you may want to look at our specialty foams to serve multi purpose. Cushions made with flotation foam, you guessed it, FLOAT.


Restoring vintage furniture

The time and effort to restore beautiful heirloom furniture like this Morris Chair or the Mission Oak seen on our Sheets of Foam page can be very rewarding. Remember to choose a foam that will last for many more generations..