About Us

Established in 2001, FoamCenter DotCom, LLC is an internet business dedicated to supplying the highest quality foam products to satisfy our customers needs. Our products are Made in America. We carry chair pads & cushions, wedges & bolsters, pre-cut & special cut sheets of foam. We also sell the 5 sizes of pet bed foam cores for you to cover. Our Memory foam products are top of the line.

We sell sheets of foam in three grades: Good Standard Poly, Better Angel and Best Quality -- all have several compressions. FoamCenter DotCom also sells unique specialty foams by the sheet. Our foams have numerous uses in upholstery, crafts, home, marine, automotive, and industrial projects. All sheet foam can be cut with an electric carving knife. Or, as an additional option, you may request that we cut to custom shape and size at no extra charge.

Specifications for all of these products can be found on the Facts page. Suitability of these products can be seen on the Material Needed page. These recommendations are based on number of factors including: how much use the item might expect, the characteristics of the foam and the price of the foam.

Attention Customers:
  • Your foam will be COMPRESSED for shipping, packaged to 1/2 its original size. Upon arrival, open package and remove plastic wrap IMMEDIATELY.
  • Allow up to 48 hours for the foam to fully recover from compression.
  • FoamCenter is not responsible for damage if you leave foam in a compressed state.
  • All Prices quoted are in US Dollars. (sizes in inches)


Mailing Address:

FoamCenter DotCom, LLC
PO Box 701
Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215