Specialty Foams

FoamCenter sells specialty foams by the sheet: Rain-Thru and High Compression. Specifications for all of our products can be found on the Facts page.

Standard uses for these products can be seen on the Material Needed page. These recommendations are based on a number of factors including: how much use the item might expect, the characteristics of the foam, and the price of the foam.

All sheet foam can be cut with electric carving knife. Or, as an additional option, you may request that we cut to custom shape and size at no extra charge.

Rain-Thru Foam

Rain-Thru polyether-polyurethane outdoor foam dries in minutes after exposure to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing, or other forms of moisture.

The large, open cells of this reticulated foam (when covered with an open-weave fabric) allow water to pass right through the cushion and offer improved air circulation.

Rain-Thru offers strength and durability for long term exposure to sun and bad weather, yet provides the seating comfort of a medium firm foam.

This foam has odor and stain retardant properties due to a fungicide added during manufacture which inhibits fungus, mold, and mildew.

Rain-Thru is inherently resistant to most chemicals, including cleaning agents, solvents, alkalies, and acids (bleach may cause rapid discoloration).

Density of 1.8 and a choice of compression 28 or 65 (ILD).

Quick drying, chemical resistant, fungicide inhibits fungus, mold, & mildew. All of this makes Rain-Thru foam the perfect choice for outdoor furniture, boat cushions, and many other outdoor seating applications.


Skinny-Dip closed cell marine foam is very compact and does not absorb water. Cushions hold their shape and even FLOAT!

This cross linked polyethylene foam will not collapse or break-down yet is soft enough for comfortable seating. With very little compression, use half as much thickness of our Marine Foam as you might with other foams such as Rain-Thru.

Fantastic application for boat cushions, motorcycle and bicycle seats, outdoor seat cushions for stadiums and camping, outdoor furniture, golf cart, waverunner, and snow mobile seats.

Not Coast Guard Certitied for use in life saving devices Not Fire Retardant

High Compression Foam

Pro 85 or Pro 140: Ideal foam where space is limited and firmness or support are required.

Designed for high use commercial applications; i.e. slot seats, bar stools, churches, hotels, movie theaters, etc. Ideal for weight lifting equipment, high performance boat cockpits, medical positioning wedges, and anywhere space is tight and a super firm feel is required.

Density 2.5 and a choice of compression 85 or 140 (ILD)

This unique foam has been shipped world-wide for applications such as weight-lifting equipment, waterbed rails, church kneelers, horse stalls and trailers, both public and home bar edges, poker and other gaming tables in casinos, on ships and in homes, auto restoration, repairing motorcycle seats. EVEN padding for industrial machinery!