What is Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers are made with high quality 3.5 lb. density visco-elastic polyurethane foam (commonly known as 'Memory Foam' by the marketing industry)
When you first stretch out on our SleepEasy mattress pad, you feel a soft difference. The 3.5 lb density permits both the pressure sensitivity and the temperature sensitivity to quickly interact with your body heat and shape softening the pad to gently contour to your body. This perfect “cradling” reduces stress and pressure, providing superior comfort that allows a more restful night’s sleep. The FoamCenter DotCom Sleep Easy Memory Foam mattress topper comes in either 2'' or 3'' depth and twin, full, queen or king sizes. (Cover is not included. Returns are not accepted.)

FoamCenter DotCom allows you to enjoy the benefits of the best Memory Foam at a comfortable price. At last you can find relief from back pain, poor circulation, arthritis, nagging headache, stiff aching neck. Memory Foam comfort is highly recommended by sleep therapists, and chiropractors.