4" x 44" x 52" Closeout Rain-Thru Outdoor MediumFirm Foam (WDD)

Rain-Thru polyether-polyurethane outdoor foam dries almost immediately after exposure to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing, or other forms of moisture and humidity.

The large, open cells of this reticulated foam (when covered with an open-weave fabric) allow water to pass right through the cushion and offer improved air circulation.

Our dry fast foam offers strength and durability for long term exposure to sun and bad weather, yet provides the seating comfort of a extra firm foam.

Density 1.8 Compression 45 (ILD) Off-White Color. Easily cut with sharp knife or sissors, or electric carving knife.

Our discounted items are all new virgin foam. These items are at least 50% off and sell very quickly.

Listed at extremely low prices for a variety of reasons: overstocked product, OR pieces are off expected color, OR were cut to a weird size.

Actual piece size may be larger than the listed size, dimensions given are the minimum size you will receive.

If a piece is marked with dimensions such as 2" x 12" x 75", this means the piece is 2 inches thick and AT LEAST 24 inches wide. If the sides are not even, the width could be 14 inches narrowing to 12 inches. It will not be less than 12" wide, but might not be perfectly squared.

Please note: All Closeout Sales are Final - no Returns Accepted


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