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Foam Cushions
Best Quality Cushions: Durable and resilient, constructed of our premium foam with a density that prevents collapsing'.
These cushions will keep their shape and keep your finished project beautiful through high use and time. They are ready to cover.

Light blue color. Inherently Fire Retardant (CA code 117)
Density 2.5 Compression 50 (ILD)

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Both of these cushions are easily cut with an electric knife.
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Good Standard Poly Cushions: Constructed of all purpose Standard Poly Foam. Excellent foam cushion for area's that receive light residential use. Ready to be covered cushions
Not fire retardant. Off white color.
Density 1.1 Compression 36 (ILD)

If you don't' see the size you need? Our Best Foam Sheets can be cut to the size you want!
foam cushions
Numerous commercial patterns are available to help you make cushions covers that fit your heirloom mission oak rocker, 1950's metal glider, wicker porch furniture, even teak chaise lounge chairs.

The McCalls Patio Cushions pattern number M4124 can be found at or click here McCalls for a quick link.

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