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Better Foam Sheets

Residential grade is an excellent foam for light duty applications. Longer lasting than our Standard Poly for general cushioning.
Easily cut with sharp knife or scissors, or electric carving knife. Not fire retardant. Off white color.

1.8 Density, available firmness:

Compression 27 - Soft Angel
Compression 36 - Firm Angel
Compression 50 - Extra Firm
Compression 60 - Super Firm

COMPRESSION = FIRMNESS Compression (not density) is what determines firmness. If you don't want a cushion that's hard as a rock or a mattress that is sinks when you sit on it, you have to check the compression or ILD number. Compression means the number of pounds necessary to compress a piece of foam 25% and still bounce back to the original thickness. For example, a 4" thick piece of foam that requires 35 lbs. to pack it down 1" and have it return to its full 4" thickness has a 35 lb. compression rating or ILD -Indention Load Deflection.

DENSITY = DURABILITY- Density is the characteristic that makes foam last. It also makes it more expensive. That is precisely why we call the least durable foam "economy general purpose" and the most durable foam "Commercial Grade". Foam for residential projects will almost always be used less than commercial projects. Density measurement of the mass per unit volume. It is measured in pounds per cubic foot and tells the ratio of foam to air. The higher the density, the less air is in the foam and the longer it will last. Most furniture-grade foams have a minimum density of 1.8 pounds.

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